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Pizzazz (theatre)

October 13, 2007

There are some plays which you never want to miss. I had really enjoyed their previous play The Original Last Wish Baby.So when the news of their new play came out, deponti and me never wanted to miss it out. Yes, today we were at Alliance Francaise for the Dramanon’s new play Pizzazz directed by Sharanya Ramprakash

The play which is an adaptation from Hugh Leonard‘s Pizzazz (1985) is about the two strangers Marion (Priya Venkatraman) and Dr Convoy (Anshu Bora), who are stranded on a boat jetty waiting for an indefinite boat strike to end. The witty Marion who is really bored drags Dr Convoy in a relationship game along with her secretary,Olivia (Chinmayee Dutta). Now Dr Convoy who isn’t keen on playing the game somehow gets involved in the game when he finds himself in various unexpected situations created by Marion. The play was really humorous. Priya Venkatraman deserves a special mention for her amazing performance in the role of Marion. The role required her to deliver long dialogues in the western english and she did it really well.The costumes were simply great.

After the play,we had the oppotunity to interact with the Dramanon Team. It was really nice chatting up with them on how they started out as a student theatre group in Manipal and have continuted theatre even after graduating out of college. The group is really enthusiastic and talented. Good luck guys 🙂

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